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Tree & Shrub Care Loganville GA

Protect your landscaping investment with ForeverGro, Inc.’s 7 step Tree & Shrub Care program. This program coincides with the timing of our lawn care program. If you’re also receiving our lawn care program, we can get everything done in one appointment. Much like lawns, trees and shrubs are susceptible to drought, disease, and insect damage. As such, it’s important to stick to a regular schedule of fertilization and insect and fungus control in order to ensure healthy trees and shrubs all year round. Reasons to take advantage of our Tree & Shrub Care program include:

•    Healthy trees & shrubs. During our seven step program, starting in January and ending in the fall, we continually monitor your plants for insect and disease problems, as well as take preventative measures to ensure a less likely problem in the future. 
•    Convenient scheduling. Because our tree & shrub care program takes place during the same time as our lawn care program, you can get all of your landscaping services done at one time from one company, which is more convenient to you.

For the first application in mid-January, we incorporate a horticultural oil. This oil is used as a preventative to smother insect eggs before they have the chance to hatch and become a problem. It’s important to do this application while the trees and shrubs are still dormant without any leaves, as it can also smother their leaves. You can count on our expertise to ensure that we use the right products during the right time.

As we go into the second application, we go through and do an organic fertilizer application. We fertilize all the plants that need it prior to springtime to get some food in the ground for them which they’ll take up once they come out of dormancy. 

For our third application, we start to incorporate applications of insecticide and fungicide depending on the cycle of the plants and when they come out of dormancy. We use baits that the plants take up into roots to kill insects and fungi.

During the fourth application, we’re spraying insecticide and fungicide, depending on what the plants need. We do not unnecessarily spray plants that are healthy and blooming; instead we search for problems at every visit. There are beneficial insects that we don’t want to kill, so we monitor for problems and address and treat them accordingly. We remain on full alert during the blooming season of plants for insects and fungus. Treating a problem before it gets too big can be the difference between salvaging and replacing a tree or shrub.

The fifth application involves us continuing to monitor for problems, treating if necessary, and scouting the landscape every time we’re there. Things are still growing, but at this point they start slowing down. We don’t want to leave anything unturned, so we monitor the plants closely because we don’t want to leave something that could go dormant with the plant and become a problem in the spring. We want to give the plants every chance they can get at coming up healthy next spring.

During the sixth application, depending on the weather, we monitor and address problems accordingly. We deal mostly with insect problems, as there is typically not a lot of fungus at this time. We apply baits for springtime, and treat what needs to be treated. Again, we don’t want any unbeneficial insects to go dormant with the tree.

For the seventh application, which is the last of the year, we will start fertilizing again with fall fertilizer. We go through the plants and feed as needed so that they’ll have food when they come out of dormancy in the spring. We continue to monitor the trees and shrubs, making note of anything we may need to address next year. We look out for root rot and search for other potential future problems.

ForeverGro, Inc.’s Tree & Shrub Care program is very in-depth and hands on. We’re always monitoring plants all year round. We strive to stay ahead of the game on these plants. Different plants bloom at different times, and we’re there at every stage for every plant to make sure that they remain healthy.

At ForeverGro, Inc., we’re not just a lawn care and tree & shrub care business, we’re also an involved member of the community in Loganville, GA. Over the years, we’ve learned what our customers truly want in their lawn care and tree & shrub care programs, and we deliver these services every day. We are certified with the Department of Agriculture in Georgia, and we attend regular classes to keep our credit hours up and maintain our certification. Our training program for our employees is very in-depth and hands-on, ensuring that only experts are working on your trees and shrubs. We test new products on our own property first, giving you the peace of mind that we only use the best. We are family owned and operated, and we service both residential and commercial properties in Metro Atlanta (N.Ga.) and SC (Lake Hartwell area).

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