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ForeverGro, Inc. has been servicing the small town of Winder, GA for over a decade. The city’s motto is “The City of Opportunity,” something that really resonates with ForeverGro, Inc. We started business in 2003 and have steadily grown since then. Winder, GA was first occupied by the Creek Indians, and was originally known as Snon. It was later renamed The Jug, and ten years later, renamed again to Jug Tavern. Jug Tavern was incorporated by the Georgia General Assembly in 1884, and its first mayor took office in 1885. The town was involved in two fights during the Civil War: the Battle of Jug Tavern and the Battle of King’s Tanyard.

Fun Facts
•    Winder was originally known as Snon, then The Jug, then Jug Tavern
•    Motto is “The City of Opportunity”
•    Became part of Georgia in 1884
•    Consists of 12.9 square miles of land and water

Jug Tavern began to achieve prominence in 1883 with the construction of multiple railroads. One such railroad was planned four miles south of the town, but local citizens deeded 16 acres for $10 for the railroad to pass through the town. Jug Tavern was finally renamed as the City of Winder in 1894, 10 years after the arrival of the first Georgia, Carolina, and North Railroad passenger train. It was named for the general manager of the Seaboard Railway, Jon H. Winder. 

Winder experienced considerable growth in the 1890s. Banks, attorney offices, doctors, drug stores, and the Winder Telephone Company were established. Farming remained the chief occupation, but many citizens began working in such manufacturing enterprises as the Winder Foundry and Machinery and Smith Hardware. Four churches and a hotel were built, along with a volunteer fire department, and Winder increasingly became important for trade in eastern Georgia.

As Winder has grown and prospered, so has ForeverGro, Inc. Much like the rest of Georgia, Winder is home to many different turf types and lawn pests, all of which ForeverGro, Inc. specializes in. Our services include lawn care, core aeration, soil testing, fire ant control, and tree and shrub care, among others. We take care of your warm season lawns, including Bermuda, Zoiyza, and Centipedes, as well as your cool season lawns, including Fescue. We perform core aeration on both types of lawns during their growing seasons; warm season lawns in the late spring, and cool season lawns in the fall.

ForeverGro, Inc. performs fertilization on all lawn types in Winder, GA. Our 8 step lawn care program includes fertilization and broadleaf weed control, with applications timed approximately 6-8 weeks apart. The fertilizers we at ForeverGro, Inc. apply to your lawns in Winder, GA are all organic, and are fully customized to your needs. Upon request, we also do soil testing to determine if your soil has the proper pH balance. In the spring, Fescue lawns get fertilizer, an iron supplement, broadleaf weed control, and preemergent crabgrass preventer, whereas the warm season lawns do not receive fertilizer at this time. 

Core aeration is a service that many people tend to overlook. It consists of us going over your lawn with a machine and pulling out small plugs of soil. These plugs are then deposited on the lawn where they help break down thatch buildup. Removing the plugs helps to decompact the soil, providing better air, water, and nutrient flow to the roots of the grass. The grass then fills in the holes with new, thicker, healthier roots, making your lawn overall healthier. Core aeration is done during the growing season, and is often performed prior to overseeding, as it helps grass seed germinate. ForeverGro, Inc. offers core aeration as part of our lawn care program in Winder, GA and surrounding areas.

But we don’t just do lawn care services in Winder. We also perform fire ant control. Fire ants are a nuisance. They can bite you and your pets, and they can make their way into your home. Fire ants are typically not harmful, but some people do suffer an allergic reaction to their stings, similar to bees. Fire ants prefer open, sunny areas to build their mounds in, which makes your lawn a perfect place. ForeverGro, Inc. provides a fire ant control service that consists of 2 applications spaced 6 months apart. The first application is done during round 2 of our lawn care program in mid-March. We aim to get this done before the ants are even active. The second application is done during round 6 of our lawn care program, towards the end of August. 

Each application gives you 6 months of coverage. If you notice a problem before your 6 months is up, we will come back out and re-treat the area, free of charge. In addition to getting rid of ants, this program also gets rid of fleas and ticks, so you can rest assured that your family and pets are protected against three different pests. ForeverGro, Inc. also does grub control.

One of our more in-depth programs is our tree and shrub care program. This program includes 7 applications, starting in January and ending in the fall. The applications include fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide, and monitoring. We’re constantly monitoring your plants for problems, as problems can arise quickly. Different plants grow at different rates, so we’re continually on the lookout for any problems, including insect infestations and fungal problems. We apply horticultural oil to dormant plants to smother insect eggs before they get the chance to hatch. We do not spray insecticide on healthy plants. There are a lot of beneficial insects that can be good for your trees and shrubs, and we don’t want to kill them unless there’s also an unbeneficial insect problem. 

ForeverGro, Inc. is heavily involved in the community. We regularly donate both our money and our time to causes that we find worthy. One of our favorites is schools; we love to fundraise for school supplies and give educational talks at schools. Our love for our community translates into our excellent customer service. We will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy, and we truly know what their wants and needs are. Give us a call today and experience what we have to offer.

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