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Lawn Care Suwanee GA | Lawn Service Loganville GA | Ant Control

Suwanee, GA, located in Gwinnett County, has been benefiting from the services of ForeverGro, Inc. for over a decade. The city has a population of over 17,000 as of 2013, and was the practicing home of the Atlanta Falcons from 1979 to 2001. It was voted one of the Top 10 Best Places to Live in 2007 by Money magazine, the third best place in America for raising families by Kiplinger, and one of the nation’s 10 Best Towns for Families by Family Circle.

Fun Facts
•    Voted by multiple magazines as one of the best towns for families
•    Started out as a Native American village
•    Officially recognized by the US government in 1837 when it erected its post office
•    A fire burned down all but one building on Main Street in 1881
•    Suwanee High School started out as a one-room school house in 1880

Suwanee, GA is a great place to live, and ForeverGro, Inc. makes it even better with our fantastic lawn care packages. Our extensive service list includes lawn fertilization, soil testing, weed control, core aeration, tree and shrub care, fire ant control, flea and tick control, and grub control.

At ForeverGro, Inc., our lawn care program in Suwanee, GA consists of 8 applications and runs year round. We start in January with a weed control application for all turf types, and a fertilizer for cool season turf. We follow this application with another application of pre- and post-emergence crabgrass and broadleaf weed control, along with a fertilizer for both warm and cool season turf. Our third application consists of more fertilizer for both turf types, along with spot spraying for weeds and an insect and disease inspection. 

Round four goes much the same as round three, with lime applied for cool season turf. Going into our fifth application we continue fertilizing both turf types. This is the time to perform core aeration and over seeding if you have a cool season turf. Round six and seven consist of another pre-emergence and broadleaf weed control for warm season turf, and a controlled release organic fertilizer for cool season turf. Finally, in round 8, we apply a dolomitic pelletized limestone for warm season turf and a controlled release organic fertilizer for cool season turf. This is also when we perform soil analysis, if necessary.

Fire ants are a big problem in Georgia, and Suwanee is no exception. Don't let these pests destroy your yard and disrupt your peace of mind; give ForeverGro, Inc. a call today and take advantage of our fire ant control program. This turf insecticide program is done twice per year, with each application providing six months of coverage. This insecticide covers not only fire ants, but also fleas, ticks, and grubs, all of which can either damage your turf or bite you and your pets. This program is also guaranteed; if you have any problems in between applications, we will come out and re-apply at no charge.

Suwanne, GA is home to many different types of trees and shrubs, which is why ForeverGro, Inc. offers an extensive tree and shrub care program. This program is both preventative and corrective. We continually monitor your trees and shrubs throughout the year for signs of insect infestation or fungal disease, and we apply preventative horticultural oils to smother insect eggs and prevent infestations from happening in the first place. If we see a problem, we have quality insecticides and fungicides that we use on your plants to get rid of the problem. We do not spray healthy plants, as we don't want to kill any beneficial insects if we don't have to. The tree and shrub care program consists of 7 applications, starting in January, and follows along the same schedule as the lawn care program.

At ForeverGro, Inc., our passions include not only lawn care and maintenance, but the community as well. We are heavily involved in our community, regularly holding fundraisers and educational talks at schools. We take great pride in our community involvement. We realize that all of our customers are not just customers, but members of our community. We strive to do what we can to give back. 

We're also extremely committed to excellent customer service at ForeverGro, Inc. Over the years, we have learned what it is that homeowners truly want, and we strive to provide that. Our customers want not only great results with their lawn care, but also a personal touch. This is why we make an effort to get to know you, and if we have to spend all day on your property, we will do so. Our customer satisfaction is much more important to us than our daily sales numbers. Give ForeverGro, Inc. a call today!

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