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Lawn Care Rosewell GA | Lawn Service Loganville GA | Ant Control

ForeverGro, Inc. has been providing lawn, tree, and shrub care to Roswell, GA and surrounding areas for over a decade. Roswell had a population of over 94,000 in the 2014 census, making it Georgia’s seventh largest city. With so many people, there are a lot of lawns to take care of, and that’s where ForeverGro, Inc. comes in.

Fun Facts
•    Georgia’s seventh largest city as of the 2014 census
•    Was originally part of Cobb County, but merged with Fulton County during the Great Depression
•    Was captured by Union forces during the Civil War

Three historic buildings – Barrington Hall (home of Roswell King’s son), Smith Plantation (home to a planter), and Bullock Hall (childhood home of Theodore Roosevelt’s mother) – have been preserved and restored in Roswell, and are now open to the public. These three families were considered the “founding families” of Roswell. Roswell was incorporated into the Georgia General Assembly in 1854.

The cotton mills in Roswell, GA employed over 400 people, mostly of Scots-Irish descent. The city was captured by Union forces during the civil war, and the mill workers were shipped north to prevent them from returning to work. The mill was burned down, and the ruins still remain. Barrington King rebuilt the mills after the war.

Today, Roswell, GA has a heavy focus on environmental and sustainability efforts, and being family friendly. The city was named a Gold Certified Green Community by the Atlanta Regional Commission for leadership and One of the Top Three Cities in the Nation to Raise Your Family by Frommer’s. It’s also been designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists and the 6th Best Place to Retire in the US by Black Enterprise Magazine. 

Clearly, Roswell, GA is a great place to live, and ForeverGro, Inc. helps contribute to the beauty of the city by helping homeowners and businesses maintain their landscaping. We help you take care of your beautiful trees and shrubs with our tree and shrub care program. This program consists of 7 applications performed about 6 weeks apart. The first application is done in late winter/early spring with a dormant oil treatment. This treatment helps to smother insect eggs, preventing them from hatching and harming your trees. The second application is done in the spring, and is a fertilizer. We also apply insect and disease control as needed.

The third application of our tree and shrub care program is an early summer insect and disease control. The fourth application is done in mid-summer, and is more insect and disease control, followed by the same in the fifth application, done in fall. In the late fall we do application 6, which is a fertilization with insect and disease control as needed. Finally, in the winter we apply a granular insecticide to ornamental trees and plants. We monitor the plants throughout the year for problems, ensuring that we’re right on top of any problems as soon as they arise. Different plants bloom at different times and are susceptible to different insects and disease, and we strive to make sure that all of these plants are taken care of.

But we don’t just stop with your trees and shrubs. ForeverGro, Inc. also provides a lawn fertilization program to the residents of Roswell, GA. This is an 8 application program, performed year round starting in January. This fertilization program also includes weed control and core aeration. We start out in round 1 with a pre- and post-emergence crabgrass and broadleaf weed control, along with a fertilizer for Fescues. Round 2 is a pre- and post-emergence crabgrass and broadleaf weed control, with both warm and cool season lawns receiving fertilizer at this time. Round 3 and 4 are a controlled release fertilizer for both turf types, along with spot spraying for weeds. Cool season turf gets a lime application in round 4.

Round 5 consists of more controlled release organic fertilizer for both turf types. If your lawn is a cool season turf type, this is the time to schedule core aeration and over seeding. Round 6 and 7 consist of a pre-emergence and broadleaf weed control for warm season turfs, with a controlled release organic fertilizer for cool season turf. Finally, in round 8, warm season turf gets a dolomitic pelletized limestone, and cool season turf gets a controlled released fertilizer. Soil analysis is done for both turf types at this time, if necessary.

Why should you have core aeration done to your lawn in Roswell, GA? ForeverGro, Inc. provides core aeration to lawns that receive a lot of foot traffic, causing the soil to be compacted. Aeration helps to decompact the soil by removing small plugs with a machine, then depositing them on the ground. These plugs break down on the lawn, helping to promote thatch breakdown. The holes left behind help promote the flow of nutrients, water, and air to the soil, which results in a thicker root system. This ensures that your lawn can get the resources it needs to thrive. 

Why choose ForeverGro, Inc. for your lawn care needs in Roswell, GA? We are certified by the Department of Agriculture in Georgia, and maintain this certification through regular continuing education. We’re very hands on with our employee training, and we’re constantly trying out new products on our own property to ensure that you’re only getting the best. We’re always on the lookout for safer products, following the same environmentally friendly mission as Roswell. And finally, customer service is our top priority. We strive to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Give us a call today for an estimate.

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