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McDonough, GA has been benefiting from the services of ForeverGro, Inc. for over 13 years. The city is located in Henry County, and is part of the Atlanta metro area. It is located about 30 minutes south of Atlanta. The city is the county seat of Henry County, and is home to an AM radio station and television station. Named after naval officer Commodore Thomas MacDonough and founded in 1823, the city is built around a town square design. The historically maintained Standard Oil service station contains the county courthouse and jail building, along with the Main Street Program Office and the Hospitality and Tourism office. The town used to have a cotton warehouse, which is now the Henry County Judicial Center. The works of Jean Charlot can be found around town, including an original oil canvas painting called “Cotton Gin.”

Fun Facts
•    A washout (the sudden erosion of soil and support services) caused a train wreck about 1.5 miles north of town in 1900, which killed 39 people
•    Was a relay station on a stagecoach line
•    Hosts a Geranium Festival each springtime
•    Smokey and the Bandit was primarily filmed here, as well as in Jonesboro and Lithonia

ForeverGro, Inc. provides a variety of services to the McDonough, GA area. Everyone takes great pride in their lawns, and we help them to keep their lawns healthy and green. McDonough, GA is described as a thriving, picturesque community, and ForeverGro, Inc. helps contribute to that picture with our premier lawn care program. This is an 8 application program that runs throughout the year. Applications are done about 6 weeks apart, and range from fertilization to crabgrass prevention and weed control to core aeration and overseeding. The program starts in January and runs until late fall/early winter. Cool season and warm season turf receive fertilizer at specific times to help during their growing seasons. Core aeration is performed during the growing season.

Core aeration can help revitalize a tired lawn. Soil that’s overly compacted, due to a variety of factors such as heavy foot traffic or layered soil, can make it difficult for nutrients, air, and water to get to the roots of the grass. With core aeration, we remove thousands of small cores of soil which break down on the lawn, helping to break down thatch. The holes created by the cores allow for the flow of fertilizer, air, and water, and also help catch seeds when over seeding. When performed at least once per year, core aeration can really reduce thatch and improve growth, making your lawn look better.

Soil compaction is not the only thing threatening your lawn. Beetles like to lay their eggs in your grass, which hatch into grubs that like to feed off your grass. These C-shaped bugs live underneath the turf, eating the roots and depriving the grass of nutrients, causing brown and dead patches. Grubs also attract other pests such as skunks and birds to your lawn, which will tear up your grass trying to get at the grubs. Prevent and kill grubs in your lawn with our Turf Insecticide program. This program gets rid of not only grubs, but also fire ants, fleas, and ticks.

ForeverGro, Inc. helps McDonough, GA maintain its small town southern charm with our tree and shrub care program. Trees and shrubs are an investment, and we help you protect your investment by monitoring your plants for problems, as well as treating problems as they arise. Our tree and shrub care program runs from January until fall, and runs along the same schedule as the lawn care program. It is a 7 step program with applications that consist of fertilizer, dormant oils, and insecticide and fungicide sprays. We avoid spraying healthy trees and shrubs, but take care to treat problems as soon as they happen to assure that your plants will be able to recover. 

ForeverGro, Inc. was founded in 2003, but our owner has been in the lawn care industry since 1991. He worked for two different lawn maintenance companies before branching out on his own to found this company. We’ve continually grown at a steady pace since then, and it’s easy to see why. ForeverGro, Inc. provides excellent customer service to the residents of McDonough, GA and surrounding areas. Over the years we’ve really grown to understand what it is that homeowners desire: a personal touch. We know what they expect from us, and we know how to deliver it. We do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. ForeverGro, Inc. really strives to come in every day and make our customers happy and their lawns the best they can be. We go the extra mile to blow off patios and sidewalks after our service, leaving your property as clean as or cleaner than when we arrived.

In addition to our excellent customer service, we’re also very active in the community. We like to donate to charity, hold fundraisers, and give talks at schools. Our talks range from lawn care to pesticide safety to starting a business. We take great pride in our involvement with the community, and our office boasts many certificates and plaques related to our efforts. 

ForeverGro, Inc. is certified with the Department of Agriculture in Georgia. We attend regular classes to keep our credit hours up and maintain our certification. Our employee training program is very hands-on, ensuring that our technicians are highly skilled in what they do. We test new products on our own property as they come out, always striving to use safer and more effective products. Our fertilizers are all organic, and a lot of them are custom made. Our turf insecticide program is guaranteed for 6 months; if you discover a problem before then, we will happily come back out and take care of the problem free of charge. ForeverGro, Inc. aims to set itself apart from the competition by offering the best products, services, and customer service in the McDonough, GA area. Give us a call today and discover what we can do for you!

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