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ForeverGro, Inc. has been providing lawn care, tree and shrub, and ant control services to Madison, GA for over 13 years. The town was established in 1807, and is the largest town in its county of Morgan. It was heavily inhabited by planters’ families, and flourished as a stagecoach stop. Main streets were named after presidents, and the community took a lot of pride in its schools and intellectual societies. Development is currently guided to respect the local sense of place and style, as the town really values its identity and historic integrity. It retains a small-town feel with its modest population of 3,636 as of the 2000 census.

Fun Facts
•    Madison is the county seat of Morgan County
•    Madison is the site of the Morgan County Courthouse, built in 1905
•    Its historic district is one of the largest in the state
•    Designated as one of Georgia’s Historic Heartland cities
•    Voted #1 Small Town in America by Travel Holiday magazine

Tourists travel from all over to admire the antebellum architecture of many of Madison’s homes. Antebellum is an architectural style characteristic of the Southern US in the 19th century. Because of all the tourists, it’s important to take pride in your lawn. An unkempt lawn can really bring down the curb appeal and visual beauty of a home, and that’s why ForeverGro, Inc. prides itself in providing the best lawn care services in Madison, GA. We also provide tree and shrub care, soil testing, and certain types of pest control. 

The first service that ForeverGro, Inc. offers in Madison, GA is our lawn care program. This is an 8 step program, carried out throughout the year, with applications spaced approximately 6 weeks apart. The first application is a pre- and post-emergent that controls crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Cool season turf, such as Fescue, receives fertilization at this time. The second application is the same as the first, with warm season turfs starting fertilization. The third application consists of a controlled release fertilizer for both turf types, along with spot spraying for weeds and an insect and disease inspection.

Round 4 of our lawn care program is the same as the third, with the addition of lime for cool season turf. During round 5, we continue applying controlled release fertilizer. This is the time to schedule core aeration and over seeding if you have cool season turf. Round 6 consists of an annual pre-emergence and broadleaf weed control for warm season turf, and more fertilizer for cool season turf. Round 7 is the same as round 6. Round 8 consists of pelletized limestone for warm season turf, and fertilizer for cool season turf. We also provide soil analysis for both turf types at this time.

For an additional charge, we have a turf insecticide program. This consists of two applications, one performed in the early spring and one performed in the mid-summer. This program controls for fleas, ticks, grubs, and ants. These are all pests that you don’t want inhabiting your lawn, as they can cause harm and inconvenience to both you and your grass. 

Grubs, the larvae of beetles, live under your grass and feed on its roots, depriving it of essential nutrients and water and consequently killing it. You can tell if you have grubs by pulling up a section of turf as though it were carpet. If it comes up easily, you likely have a grub infestation. You may also be able to see them underneath the grass; they’re white and C-shaped. Another sign of grub infestation is an accumulation of animals, especially birds, on your lawn. These animals like to feed on the grubs, tearing up your lawn in the process. Grubs can also cause your lawn to suffer from brown patches.

Ants create unsightly mounds in your lawn, as well as threatening you with stingers and entrance into your home. Keep ants out of your home and out of your grass with ForeverGro, Inc.’s ant control program, included in the turf insecticide program. Fire ants are especially a problem, as they are very aggressive and will attack anything that they perceive to be a threat to their colony. Our insecticide program is designed to be placed before these ants even become active, preventing the problem before it occurs. If you notice any problems in between applications, we will come and re-treat the area at no additional cost to you.

Fleas are most commonly thought of as a pest for pets, but they can bite you too. Fleas especially like to bite the legs of people, and they can reside in your bed, in your carpets, or anywhere else in your house. They’re notoriously difficult to get rid of once they enter your house. And pets aren’t the only way that fleas get into your house either; they can enter via suitcases or even clothing. Prevent your home from being infested by fleas and having to hire a costly exterminator by taking advantage of our turf insecticide program. 

Ticks are not only unpleasant, they also carry disease. Tickborne illnesses include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and skin ulcers. In addition to treating your pets with flea and tick preventatives, and wearing bug spray when you enter wooded areas, you can also protect your family and pets from ticks by taking advantage of our turf insecticide program. Rest assured that you will not be bitten by a tick in your own yard, and take advantage of the other benefits of the program including flea, ant, and grub control. 

In addition to the above services, ForeverGro, Inc. also provides tree and shrub care in Madison, GA. This program is largely preventative, with us continually monitoring your plants for problems. We do not spray healthy trees, except with horticultural oil, which prevents insect infestation on dormant plants. Let us get your trees and shrubs ready for all seasons with our fertilizers, and treat any problems they may have as we find them. Trust ForeverGro, Inc., with over 13 years in business and over 25 years in the industry, to take care of all your lawn care and tree and shrub needs.

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