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Lawn Care Loganville GA

Many people don’t fully understand the importance of fertilizing and maintaining their lawns year round. ForeverGro, Inc. provides a year-round program for lawn care in Loganville, GA. The benefits of taking advantage of our full-spectrum lawn care program includes:
• A greener lawn. A green lawn is a healthy lawn, and our properly-timed fertilizers help ensure that your lawn remains green.
• A thicker lawn. Providing your lawn with the proper nutrients helps maintain thickness, which helps ward off weeds and disease.
• A happier, more carefree you. When you contract ForeverGro, Inc. to take care of your lawn care needs, you are trusting your lawn in the hands of true professionals that really care about you and your lawn. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Our lawn care program in Loganville, GA consists of 8 applications and runs all year round, with each application timed approximately 6-8 weeks apart.

We start out the year with our first application around mid-January. This applications runs through the end of February, and consists of a crabgrass preventer (a preemergent), broadleaf weed control (a three-way combination weed killer), and, if your lawn is a Fescue, a fertilizer and iron supplement. This organic fertilizer is typically a 32-46% nitrogen, granular based fertilizer that dissolves into a liquid that we spray onto your lawn. Our fertilizers are all custom made and tailored to your specific needs. The warm season lawns, which include Bermuda, Centipede, and Zoiysa grasses, do not require fertilization at this time as they are still dormant.

Our second application starts around the end of February until around the second week of April. As the weather changes, we’ll continue the preemergent crabgrass preventer, broadleaf weed control, and fertilizer on fescues, as well as an iron supplement. As the weather starts to warm up, we make the decision on whether or not it’s warm enough to add fertilizer to the warm season lawns.

The third application is done the second week of April to the last week of May. It starts with two different types of weed control. We start backing down on fertilizer on the Fescues at this time, running a granular 5-10-31 combination of fertilizer. We don’t want to encourage growth in Fescues as it gets warmer because it encourages fungal growth. As we decrease fertilization on Fescues, we increase fertilization on the warm season lawns. We start applying granular fertilizer to them and treat with two types of broadleaf weed control to give a broader spectrum of weed control during the transition of warm weeds coming in and winter weeds fading out.

As we get into end of May/early June, we start the fourth application. Fescues get fertilizer, spot spraying for weeds or crabgrass. Fescues are feeling the effects of heat and slowing down their growth. Bermudas and other warm season grasses are growing really well at this point, so we continue to feed with granular organic fertilizer and spray for weeds. There are over ten types of weeds that the preemergent doesn’t control, so we spot spray for those during this application.

We start our fifth application around the end of June/first of July. We continue to fertilize and spray for weeds on the warm season lawns. For the Fescues at this point, we start putting out lime applications which take a month or two to get into soil and make any change to pH. With these applications, we’re prepping the grass for the fall for aeration and overseeding.

At the end of summer/early fall, we start our sixth application with fall preemergents. We use Spectacle, which is a good preemergent that targets the warm season lawns to get them ready for winter. This requires only one application and covers you until January. For the Fescues, we start coordinating our core aeration and overseeding. We take this time to renovate Fescues that have taken a beating during summer time with core aeration, overseeding, and fertilizing. Core aeration serves to help decompact the soil and provide a prime place for new seed to germinate, and fertilization helps provide nutrients for the new and old grass.

By mid-October we start our seventh application. The fescues are growing again, so we start putting out a 28-5-12 blend of organic granular fertilizer at a high rate. On warm season lawns, we’ll come through with a broadleaf weed control and a sticky agent. This goes after wild onions and other smaller weeds that Spectacle did not get. Spectacle is 95% effective, but we still may need to come out and spot treat these smaller weeds.

Finally, in early winter/late fall, we start our eighth application which is the last application of year. On Fescues we continue to fertilize, as they’re still thriving from being renovated in the fall. We do different blends of fertilizer depending on what you need. The last application on warm season lawns is atrazine, which is a pre and post emergent. Atrazine kills random clumps of fescue or rye that may have been blown into your warm season lawn by the wind, and gives the grass an extra boost, helping it push through Christmastime and get us into the New Year where we start all over again.

In addition to the aforementioned lawn applications, we also offer soil testing. A proper pH balance is essential to a healthy lawn. This service is automatically done if we notice a problem; otherwise, it is an add-on service that is done on request.

Along with our lawn care service in Loganville, GA, we also offer many other services including ant control, core aeration, and tree & shrub care. Let ForeverGro, Inc. be your one stop shop for all of your lawn maintenance needs. We’re passionate about lawns and helping people. We’re active in the community, participating in charity events and talking at schools, and we’re very hands-on with our customers. We address your problems personally, making sure that we thoroughly understand your wants and needs. Give us a call today for a lawn care estimate.

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