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ForeverGro, Inc. has been servicing the Gainesville, GA area since 2003. The city was actually established as “Mule Camp Springs” in the 1800s, and was chartered as Gainesville in 1821. This was in honor of General Edmund P. Gaines who was considered a hero of the War of 1812, as well as a military surveyor and road-builder. Gainesville has been known as a regional transportation and trade center for nearly two centuries.

Fun Facts
•    Gainesville was originally established as “Mule Camp Springs”
•    Gainesville has been in existence longer than 26 of the 50 states
•    Solid waste collection began in 1875
•    Textiles ran the economy in 1898
•    Gainesville was the first city south of Baltimore to have street lights. This happened in 1902.
•    In 1961, the city council voted to make it illegal to eat chicken with a fork

As Gainesville has grown, so has ForeverGro, Inc. With several types of turf and pests to take care of, ForeverGro, Inc.'s business has been booming right alongside that of Gainesville. We offer a variety of services to the Gainesville, GA area, including but not limited to lawn care, tree and shrub care, fire ant control, soil testing, grub control, and flea and tick control. Our fire ant control actually doubles as flea and tick control, taking care of 3 pests with one application. 

Gainesville, GA is home to a variety of ants, most notably the Argentine. These ants are not native to the US, but were brought here from Brazil. Argentine ants pose a threat to wildlife by disrupted food webs, and are very aggressive towards other ant species and insects. They threaten biodiversity by eliminating other ant colonies. They are scavengers and will eat just about any organic matter they can find. While they are not poisonous, they will bite people. 

Gainesville is also home to a few fire ant species. Fire ants are slightly venomous to humans and can cause serious allergic reactions, similar to bee stings, in some people. Fire ants are also very aggressive and will swarm anything they perceive to be a threat, biting and stinging the threat over and over. ForeverGro, Inc. offers fire ant and ant control services to the Gainesville, GA area. We provide a simple 2 step program, carried out in the spring and fall, that provides year round coverage. If you have any ant problems in between applications, we will return to your property and re-treat and no extra charge.

Georgia is home to at least four main grass types, and Gainesville is no exception. We have three warm season lawns: Bermuda, Zoiyza, and Centipede; and one cool season lawn: Fescue. These turf types mainly differ in their growing seasons: Fescues grow when it's cooler out (in the fall and spring) and Bermudas, Zoizas, and Centipedes grow when it's warmer out (in the summer). These growing seasons determine when it's best to fertilize and aerate the lawns.

Fertilization should be done prior to and during the growing season, and aeration should be done exclusively during the growing season. As such, ForeverGro, Inc. performs core aeration in Gainesville, GA on warm season lawns in the spring, and on cool season lawns in the fall. Core aeration can really renovate a tired lawn. It serves to decompact soil, reduce thatch, and improve the flow of nutrients, air, and water to the soil and roots. It's done during the growing season because it puts holes in the lawn which need to be filled in with new roots. Core aeration can also be done prior to overseeding, as the holes create a prime area for seeds to germinate. Core aeration is part of our 8 step lawn care program, along with fertilization and overseeding.

ForeverGro, Inc. also provides tree and shrub care to the Gainesville, GA area. Our tree and shrub care program runs along the same schedule as our lawn care program, starting in January and ending in the fall. There are many types of trees and shrubs in Gainesville, and they all require special care. ForeverGro, Inc. is an expert in this area, and we continually monitor your trees and shrubs year round to check for insect infestation and fungal infections. We spray insecticide and fungicide on trees as needed. We do not spray on healthy trees and shrubs, as there are beneficial insects that we do not want to harm. We also apply a horticultural oil on trees and shrubs when they are in dormancy. This oil smothers the eggs of insects before they ever have the chance to be a problem. As with most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we strive to stay on top of things, preventing problems wherever we can and catching them early when they do occur.

ForeverGro, Inc. is certified with the Department of Agriculture in Georgia, and we maintain our certification by attending regular classes. Our training is very hands-on with our employees, and we are heavily involved in our community. Our favorite causes are school related; we like to give talks at schools and raise money for schools supplies, among other things. Our customer service is top-notch. We really strive to understand the wants and needs of our commercial and residential customers in Gainesville, GA.

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