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Lawn Care Athens GA | Lawn Service Loganville GA | Ant Control

ForeverGro, Inc. has been providing lawn maintenance services to the Athens, GA area for over a decade. Athens is home to the University of Georgia, which helped contribute to its initial growth. With a population of over 115,000, Athens is the sixth largest city in Georgia. Despite its large population, Athens has the smallest geographical area of any county in Georgia. That doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of lawns that need tending, however. ForeverGro, Inc. provides lawn care services, tree and shrub care services, and fire ant control to Athens, GA.

Fun Facts
•    Sixth largest city in Georgia
•    Smallest geographical area of a county in Georgia
•    University of Georgia was the first state supported university
•    City was named Athens after the city that was the home to Plato and Aristotle in Greece
•    City started out as land surrounding the university

Athens was originally 633 acres of land that was donated to the university. Logs made up the first buildings of the university. The town grew along with the university as lots were sold to raise money for the school. Athens consisted of only three homes, stores, and a few other buildings by the time the first class graduated from the University of Georgia in 1804. Now known as Old College, the university's first permanent structure was completed in 1806 and named in honor of Benjamin Franklin.

In 1806, Athens officially became a town. Cotton mills fueled industrial and commercial development. Athens became one of the state's most important cities with the growing influence of the university, combined with transportation developments. Athens was a significant supply center during the Civil War, with fortifications still being found along parts of the river. New buildings and paved runways were built by the Navy during World War II to serve as a training facility for naval pilots. The city was later chosen as the site for the Navy Supply Corps school. 

With its rich history, Athens continues to be a great place to live. ForeverGro, Inc. helps contribute to this greatness with our extensive lawn care program. This program consists of 8 applications of fertilizer, broadleaf weed and crabgrass control, and core aeration. We also perform lime applications and soil testing. This program is run year round, starting in January and ending in the late fall/early winter. Weeds and crabgrass can really overtake your lawn, ruining its natural beauty. Our lawn care program contains many broadleaf weed and crabgrass control applications, as well as spot-treatment for weeds as necessary.

Your best bet against preventing weeds is to have a healthy lawn in the first place. Weeds, especially crabgrass, require open space to germinate. A thick, healthy lawn is your first line of defense against weeds and crabgrass. You can obtain and maintain a thick, healthy lawn by taking advantage of our fertilization and over seeding programs. Fertilizer helps ensure that your lawn stays healthy by getting the nutrients it needs, and regular over seeding ensures that any bare spots in your lawn are filled up with new grass.

Core aeration can also be an important part of lawn care. ForeverGro, Inc. performs core aeration during the growing season on lawns in Athens, GA. This is because core aeration punches holes in the soil, allowing for better flow of nutrients, air, and water. These holes are then filled in with new roots, which is why it must be performed during the growing season. Core aeration is a great way to reduce thatch and help decompact soil that receives regular heavy traffic. If you've ever seen plugs of soil on top of a lawn on a field, that's what core aeration looks like. These plugs are pulled out of the soil and left on top, encouraging thatch breakdown. Thatch is dead and dying plant matter that gets stuck on the top of your lawn, choking it out of nutrients and sunlight.

In addition to regular lawn care, ForeverGro, Inc. also performs fire ant control in Athens, GA. This program consists of two applications spaced equally apart during the year, and provides 6 months of coverage each. This program is guaranteed; if you have a problem with ants in between applications, we will come out and re-treat at no additional cost to you. This is part of our commitment to excellent customer service. Our fire ant control applications also cover fleas, ticks, and grubs, so you can rest assured that there won't be any pests overtaking your lawn.

Tree and shrub control is our other major service. This is a 7 step program, which coincides with our lawn care program and runs until fall. We start out applying fertilizer to your plants, helping them come out of dormancy with proper food. Next we apply horticultural oil, which helps to smother insect eggs and kill them before they ever have the chance to become a problem. Then we start incorporating applications of insecticide and fungicide, depending on the cycle of the plants and when they come out of dormancy. We continue spraying, searching for problems. We do not spray healthy plants, as we don't want to disrupt beneficial insects. We continue monitoring for problems, remaining on full alert during the growing season so that we can address and treat problems accordingly. By the sixth application, we're mostly dealing with insects as there's not a lot of fungus at this time. The final application for the year consists of more fertilizer to help the plants go dormant with the proper nutrients. We take note of anything we need to address next year, including root rot and other potential future problems. 

ForeverGro, Inc. is certified with the Department of Agriculture in Georgia. We are fully committed to providing excellent customer service, and it shows in our work. We will spend as long as we need to on your property to take care of what needs to be done. We take pride in our involvement with the community, and we regularly test new products on our own property to make sure that we're using the safest, most effective products on the market.

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